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As an Australian-owned and operated company with over 35 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on the high-quality products we manufacture and install. Sunlite’s patent designs and exclusive aluminium louvre blade extrusions ensure clients have peace of mind that their products are built to last in Australian environments.

Manufacturing quality assurance

Clients are assured that every aspect of the job is given the utmost care and attention to detail, from manufacturing to installation. We only use stainless screws, bolts and site fixings to guarantee a durable, high-quality product. We can complete jobs of any size or complexity using the latest 12V electric operation, which offers 160 degrees of louvre blade rotation for solar control. All operating systems are made from nylon 6–6, which absorbs moisture from the environment to make them self-lubricating. All Sunlite louvre blades, framework and gutter systems are aluminium with a powder coat or anodised finish. Whether you require products for commercial or residential use or have a project that requires complex specifications, contact us for sun-shading solutions that are practical, and aesthetically appealing.