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The Sunlite shade solution is crafted with one purpose in mind: to make every space comfortable, all year round. The outstanding quality of a Sunlite solution exudes uniqueness and delivers comfort. Discover the artistry of Sunlite.

Inspiration Gallery

Unique and original. Behind every project is a Sunlite shade designer who carefully considers every installation’s space, design and customer’s final vision. Discover your shade.

Be Inspired

Every project is a chance to design custom shading, using Australia’s finest materials placed in the hands of true master craftspeople. When choosing Sunlite, you’re choosing an Australian legacy – and you’ll know you’re choosing craftsmanship.


Be Socially Inspired

Introducing Sunlite’s Aluminum Shading Solutions – where style meets function in the world of design and architecture!

As you explore our Instagram social feed below, you’ll find a wealth of innovative shading solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with practicality. From sleek sunscreens to elegant pergolas, our designs have been curated to inspire your next outdoor project. So, scroll through our feed and let Sunlite be your source of inspiration for transforming your spaces into shaded sanctuaries of beauty and comfort.