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Sun Smart Living for Strata Communities

Sun Smart Living for Strata Communities

August 15, 2023

Creating a visually appealing and energy-efficient building is one of the many challenges you face as an architect or builder. Improperly shaded strata buildings can lead to excessive heat and glare, making for an uncomfortable summer for residents (and increased energy bills). Investing in shading solutions can help residents find relief from both the elements and a rising power bill.

The Benefits of Shading Strata Buildings

Shading your strata building offers some great benefits that not only make the building more livable but also enhance the aesthetic itself.
First and foremost, shading takes some heat out of the air. Blocking the glare of direct sun onto buildings reduces the heat gain and glare to make for a much cooler indoor space. After three years of milder summers, the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a swing to a hot and dry summer caused by the return of El Nino. With general temperatures expected to continue to climb worldwide, looking at passive heat control measures for buildings is becoming increasingly common.

Shading strata buildings can help reduce the reliance on artificial cooling methods, resulting in lower energy consumption and cost savings for residents. Direct sun onto and into a building will rapidly turn the building into an oven. Protecting the windows and walls with the proper shade option can help reduce the temperature inside apartments by 5 to 10 degrees. Unshaded windows are the single biggest source of unwanted heat as it encourages the greenhouse effect within rooms.

Shading options can be both static or adjustable depending on the building structure. Sunliteā€™s wide range of colours, textures and finishes can add a unique appeal to a building. Picture comfortable outdoor spaces that protect occupants from the elements while still being light, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing. By using shading solutions, you can transform your project into a visually captivating masterpiece while also improving its energy efficiency and creating inviting outdoor areas for everyone to enjoy. So why settle for a dull and ordinary building when you can make it truly remarkable with clever use of shading?

Contact Sunlite today to explore our range of aluminium facade shading and natural lighting solutions for your strata building.