Sunlite Shutter 90

Sunlite Shutter 90 louvre is one of our most popular louvre systems and is used extensively throughout Australia on low rise and high rise residential apartments and commercial / residential projects.

Sunlite Shutter 90 louvre system has an aluminium frame and blade design based on the classic “plantation shutter” system. Sunlite frame is 60mm x 40mm stile, and 100mm x 38mm top and bottom rail – with a unique framing system offering strength, rigidity, and longevity.

Sunlite 90mm elliptical louvre blades operate 160 degrees within the frame via nylon 6-6 injection moulded endcaps and bushes, with operation via external operating sidebar. We have designed this system with Australian requirements in mind – utilising premium aluminium materials, superior fabrication techniques, high-performance finishes, 304 stainless fixings, and costal marine-grade hardware.

Sunlite Shutter 90 louvre systems have been installed from Cocos Island WA to Cairns QLD and from Sydney NSW to Perth WA.