Sunlite perforated product designs, applications, and systems are unlimited when it comes to perforated aluminium sheeting. We can provide awnings, fixed screens, sliding screens, privacy screens and feature screens with standard, stock picture perforated or custom design picture perforated. These systems offer shading, aesthetics, and privacy to any type of facade – residential or commercial.

Standard available cluster punch sheets offer various round punch hole designs with different diameter holes at alternative positions – straight, staggered, square, offset and diamond. These different hole sizes and different positions offer varied sun shading, privacy, and airflow. The perforated sheets can be fabricated, folded and installed as a stand-alone product or incorporated into framing to match glazing systems or sliding panel systems.

Sunlite has carried out many projects throughout Australia with perforated aluminium sheeting designs. We have sliding picture perforated (Norfolk Pine) screens at Freshwater Apartments Claremont WA, sliding custom slotted screens in Bondi NSW and custom window screens and awnings in Kalgoorlie WA. The aluminium perforated systems can be powder-coated or anodised in any colour required.