Batten profiles for aluminium slat fencing, feature fins, louvered grilles, vertical and horizontal awnings.

Sunlite geometric louvre design uses geometric and modular sections of extruded aluminium in rectangular hollow sections (RHS) sizes to creating awnings, fins, screens and panels. These can be used in horizontal, vertical or diagonal instances on a buildings facade, offering shading, privacy and aesthetics.

Sunlite utilises a huge range of rectangular hollow section (RHS) sizes that are avaliable throughout Australia to create singular horizontal or vertical fins or fabricated screens to suit any architect or client requirement. We also offer a lighter style of RHS that we call slatted screens utilising the classic fence picket design with alumnium light weight slat section 65mm x 16mm to creat infill panels, fence panels, privacy screens and feature screens.

Modular louvres are avaliable in a 45mm thickness and a 75mm thickness with each offering stepped depths / projections based on the section size and end caps size. Please see the Sunlite brochures showing these sizes, we have exclusive engineered connection details to suit. All aluminium fabrication with powdercoat or anodised finish.