Commercial Architectural Screening Offering Airflow and Aesthetic Screening on Low-Rise And High Rise Buildings
Single Blade

When you require protection from the elements, screening for your property and airflow at the same time, then our single blade louvre air grilles are the way to go. Sunlite Australia produces a wide range of fixed blade ventilation louvres, constructed from extruded aluminium sections to suit a variety of environments. All our louvres are of a modular construction ensuring a quality fit, and they can be adapted to suit most wall constructions. Enquire here to find out more.

Range of Applications

Whether you live in an apartment or penthouse and require secure weather protection and safety, or an air intake area for a building you are constructing, or even car park ventilation, our robust and attractive louvres are the most cost-effective and suitable solution. In addition, our products are suitable for plant rooms, cooling tower screens, and natural wall ventilation. Whether you live in an apartment or house or require protection for a commercial or industrial property, we will find an air grille suitable for your needs.

Natural Ventilation

A key feature of these louvres is that that they allow for natural ventilation for your property. Your windows might be secured, but you can still open them allowing fresh air to flow in. No one enjoys an office where there is no fresh air, now with air grilles, you can still control the environment while allowing for some fresh air flow through the office or warehouse. Cross ventilation allows for better air quality.

Mechanical Ventilation

We have mechanically operated louvres, which can be remotely operated in order to provide added protection against the sun or rain and allow for the maximum flow of air into your home or building.

Obligation-Free Consultations

Each of our louvre products vary in airflow performance and weather keeping properties. Contact our sales team to inspect your premises, suggest a suitable solution to suit your requirements, and provide you with an obligation-free quote. This consultation is free and is designed to provide you or your building consultant with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The basic considerations for selecting louvres are area, water penetration and resistance to airflow (pressure loss). Once these concepts are understood, they can be used to determine what airflow product best meet your unique requirements.

Many of the fixed ventilation louvres can also be used for screening purposes.

Contact Sunlite Australia and make your property comfortable all year round.

Airflow Louvre

Sunlite Australia produces a wide range of fixed blade natural ventilation louvres. Louvres are constructed from extruded aluminium sections to …