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Australians love the outdoors, and I don’t just mean the outback or the beach, I also mean the garden or backyard. We love hanging out in our own homes, whether it’s with friends and family, or just the dogs. But we also don’t like to be uncomfortable, so we put measures in place to ensure our comfort in all types of weather. This includes installing an air conditioner to make your indoor living more to your liking, and we take steps to protect us from the harsh outdoor elements. These include patio roofs, Weathershades and pergolas. But do you know the difference between them?

Here’s a quick guide to make sure that you know what you are talking about when you decide to buy your next weather protector.


A pergola is usually an attractive garden feature, which forms a rectangular walkway or sitting area. They are constructed using a number of sturdy posts with a roof structure made from horizontal planks of woods, which are left open to the skies. This means pergolas have no permanent cover or roof; but one can be added using some sort of shade cloth, or by growing a creeper plant or grape vine, which could add some colour or fruit, as well as providing some much needed shade.


A patio is similar in shape to a pergola, and these days the word patio is often used interchangeably with pergola. Patios, however, generally have a strong and impermeable roof. They are sturdy structures, which can handle all kinds of weather including strong winds. While a patio can be a standalone feature, it more often than not attached to a property or structure.

Patios make better entertaining areas and can be attached to a main structure or be freestanding. But, if you really want your patio to stand out, then pimp it out. This can be done with funky outdoor furniture, cool colourful lights and a useful but attractive roof, which will allow you to see the stars at night, and protect you from the weather.


Gazebos are more obvious in their outlook. They are freestanding, mostly round octagonal structures, and are often the feature point of a garden or park. They have a solid roof, usually sit on a stage of sorts, and are great for a high tea in the afternoon, or a classical or jazz concert in the park.


Traditionally, awnings were made from some sort of fabric and were hung from the exterior of a house, building or shop, offering some respite from the weather. Many retail stores still use them as branding for their shops, making their stores look and feel more welcoming.

Today, awnings come in a wide range of styles, but many of them are made from sturdier construction materials, adding longevity and good looks to the patio.


Sunlite Weathershades are designed and produced at the Sunlite factory in Welshpool, WA, and installed by a qualified team. Weathershades consist of a highly water resistant louvre system equipped with electrically-operable louvre blades. The system is made from aluminium, each one containing aluminium underside gutters for rainwater collection, a 240v in-blade motor with wireless sensor, and a remote control. They offer you the best of both worlds; the strength of a patio roof but more versatility than most weather protectors.

Make better use of your home’s outdoor areas, protect yourselves from all kinds of weather, and make your store stand out from the crowd. All this can be achieved with the right Weathershade, patio roof or awning. Contact the Perth experts and find out what you need.